More states move to legalize recreational marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

Map outline of California with a marijuana leaf.
Map outline of California with a marijuana leaf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colorado and Washington have set an example for the rest of the country. According to an article published this morning by Rolling Stone, five new states are close to regulating legal recreational marijuana.

California, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Nevada are well on the way to legalization. California implemented the first legal medical marijuana market in 1996. The state will vote on legal recreational weed in November, and recent polls show the bill has a good chance of passing.


“Then we will have reached the tipping point,” said Tom Angell, Marijuana Majority member. “And with California having so many members in Congress, it will give a huge boost to our efforts to change federal law.”

Activists in Maine are gathering signatures to get a recreational marijuana bill on the ballot in 2016. South Portland and Portland have already passed referendums in support of this. Rolling Stones predicts Massachusetts, Vermont and Nevada will also see legalization measures on their 2016 ballots.

For more information on the individual states pushing for legalization, read the full story.