Medical marijuana in Delaware dissatisfies customers

Capelli D'Angelo

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Delaware Population Density Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patients in Delaware are not satisfied with the quality of marijuana they are receiving from local medical dispensaries, according to an article posted on Delaware Online.

These customers voiced their complaints to The Delaware Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee at a board meeting Tuesday. The committee, made up of nine people, will consult to devise a plan that will improve the state medical marijuana program.


Judith McDonald, a resident of Newark, said she was displeased with the price and packaging at First State Compassion Center. This dispensary offers discounted bud prices depending on the customer’s income.

After she was charged $17 for a gram, she was told to, “scrape the bottom to get the marijuana out,” McDonald said at the meeting. “I will have no retirement.”

To read more about the poor quality of marijuana in Delaware, or the change that these patients are pushing for, check out the full story.