Looks like Washington is expanding its weed market as well

Capelli D'Angelo

English: This is a map showing how various Was...
English: This is a map showing how various Washington state counties voted for Initiative 692, which was a 1998 vote to grant rights to patients to use medical marijuana. Counties marked as green had a majority of voters support this initiative; counties marked as red had a majority in opposition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The news is just in, Spokane is ready to open more recreational dispensaries. The Liquor and Cannabis Board started accepting applications Monday, according to kxly.com.

The state expects to receive close to 800 applications, roughly half of which will get approved.


The Cannabis Patient Protection Act allows recreational dispensaries to also sell medical inventory to patients. Medical patients will be exempt from the sales tax, but still have to pay the excise tax.

“Do I agree with taxing the medical patient? No,” said Dennis Turner, a founder of a medical marijuana dispensary. “You actually get to see people’s live change, I think it’s time that they treat it like it’s a real job and not just play.”

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