Legal weed forces rent prices higher and higher in Colorado

Capelli D'Angelo

Denver Capital building
Denver Capital building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As many Coloradoans have noticed, the state is getting a bit overpopulated. Renters and rental services are using this to their advantage and jacking up rent prices.

Over the past three years a herd of people have picked up and moved so they can exercise their right to smoke freely, according to Reality Today.


“I do believe that there has been a huge amount of individuals who have moved out here specifically for the marijuana industry, and it has affected the housing market,” said J.P. Speers, a real estate broker.

If the legal marijuana movement continues as forcefully as it has been, weed will eventually be legal everywhere. Hopefully at this point everybody will move back to where they truly wish to live, rather than in Colorado out of convenience to blaze.

To learn more about rental prices in Colorado and how they are being affected by the legal weed market, check out the full article.