Father and son plead guilty to robbing a dispensary

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Four ounces of low-grade marijuana, u...
English: Four ounces of low-grade marijuana, usually referred to as a quarter-pound or QP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the last day of January, Joe Griffith and his son Logan Griffith robbed a dispensary in Durango, according to an article published in the Durango Herald.

Durango Police say Logan, 19, used a semi-automatic gun to hold up Rocky Mountain High. He then proceeded to tie up two employees and his father using zip ties. This confused the police initially, making them believe Joe was a victim too. They stole over $2,700 in cash and some marijuana.


During the arraignment, 6th Judicial District Judge Jeffrey Wilson spoke directly Joe, blaming him for the crime.

“This was an upsetting event for the whole community,” Wilson said. “The victims’ fear, I think, was real. Your son had a gun with the hammer cocked, he planned to shoot and threatened to cut off fingers. I know he was an adult at the time of the incident, but you were the adult here. You had the power to stop it.”

Both father and son pleaded guilty in July. Joe, 44, will serve 10 to 15 years at the Colorado Department of Corrections, and his son Logan was sentenced to six years in the Colorado Youthful Offender Section.

To learn more about this case or the sentences these two men face, check out the full article.