Explosion shoots fridge 35 feet out back wall

Capelli D'Angelo

Honey oil
Honey oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fire caused by the creation of dabs destroyed a home at 11900 Harold and Rubin Rd. in Warren Monday, according to Michigan Local News.

The explosion was caused by butane stored in the refrigerator to making hash oil. The house was vacant at the time so no one was injured, except the house cat.


Town Mayor, Jim Fouts, said dangerous situations like this call for stricter laws regarding marijuana.

“This is not the first time,” Fouts said. “There have been other instances in Warren where fires have been started related to a marijuana grow operation.”

According to an article published by Michigan Local News there have been 16 other explosions similar to this one. To read more about the damage caused by the fire and other explosions like this one, check out the full story.