Colorado weed sales set high record in August

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Discount Medical Marijuana cannabis s...
English: Discount Medical Marijuana cannabis shop at 970 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Denver Post, marijuana sales in Colorado reached over $100 million in August, setting a new record.

Colorado’s Department of Revenue published data Friday stating the following:


  • Recreational marijuana sales: $59.2 million
  • Medical marijuana sales: $41.4 million

Combined these statistics pass the $100 million mark. The full set of data can be found here. These numbers are higher than any other state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Tax revenues associated with these sales continue to rise as well, leaving Colorado voters with the question of what to do with the extra profits.

To see more statistics on weed sales in Colorado, read the full story published by the Denver Post. For another take, here is an interesting, but informative article on Yahoo News as well.