Colorado voters prepare to allocate marijuana tax revenues

Capelli D'Angelo

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After legal Colorado weed brought in over $270 million more than the state expected last year, voters are being asked to decide what to do with the extra revenue in November. According to an article published on KRDO News, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights requires a vote to determine how to properly allocate these funds.

President of the Independence Institute, John Caldera, said he believes bringing this issue to a vote is the most logical thing to do.


“It’s the simplest, most polite, most honest thing to do,” Caldera said. “If you’re going to treat the citizens like the people in power, which they are supposed to be, you merely ask them, that’s all this is.” 

The BEST program has already provided schools with marijuana tax revenues. According to state records, $27 million have already been allocated for school construction projects.

If Colorado votes for a refund, KRDO predicts taxpayers will receive anywhere from $6 to $32, depending on their income. To read more about the marijuana tax vote, read the full article.