Colorado school systems worry legal pot is affecting youth

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס
English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Educators in Colorado are coming together to voice their opinion; legal marijuana is poorly affecting schools.

According to an article published in the Denver Post, data on marijuana-related incidents has been constant since before legalization. School systems argue these issues have escalated.


“We got sold that marijuana legalization was going to positively impact our schools,” said Christine Harms, director of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center. “There is the school infrastructure aspect, but we’re not seeing tremendous changes with marijuana prevention programs, and our students are paying the price.”

The President of ACT on Drugs, Lynn Riemer, said weed in public schools is the biggest problem the education system faces today.

A press conference was held in Thornton Wednesday about how schools, and thereby kids, have been affected by Amendment 64. To learn more about this meeting read the full article.