X-Rock airs ads promoting Durango dispensaries

Capelli D'Angelo

Downtown Durango, Colorado
Downtown Durango, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week X-Rock-FM started airing advertisements for local dispensaries in Durango, according to the Durango Herald. The station is one of the first in Colorado to promote businesses like this.

“There was actually initially some resistance to it because we are federally regulated, and we all know that marijuana is still federally prohibited,” said Jamie Osborn, the X-Rock program director. “Bottom line for us is marijuana is legal in Colorado. The businesses that advertise it are licensed by the state and locally, and both the state and city are enjoying the increases in tax revenue.”


Marijuana advertisers have been hesitant to push this content due to federal law prohibiting use of the drug.

Radio stations and other publications are only allowed to air advertisements promoting dispensaries if less than 30 percent of the audience is under 21, under the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s rule.

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