S.C. senate panel endorses new marijuana bill

Capelli D'Angelo

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The Great Seal of the State of South Carolina, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every member of a Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee voted yes to pass a bill that would legalize the sale and use of medical marijuana in South Carolina, according to the  the State Media Company.

There are some members of the community that do not support this new bill. Mark Keel, law enforcement division chief, announced that he opposes the idea.


Keel claims that the seed-to-sale tracking program the state is proposing does not “take into account what happens to marijuana once it is sold to a patient.” He believes that making the drug readily available will push more teens into smoking.

The bill also explains the protocol that licensed caretakers, also known as growers, will follow. This proposal, if passed by the full Senate committee, will move on to the full Senate next year.

To read more about the new bill that is being proposed in S.C., check out the full article here.