Liquid marijuana opens new doors for e-cigs

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Electronic cigarette charger
Electronic cigarette charger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently e-cigarettes have become a popular new way to smoke tobacco. Now smokers are filling the cartridges with liquid marijuana concentrates for dabs on the go.

According to KSPR, many are worried about the use of more potent marijuana effecting overdose statistics.


“We had not in the past with marijuana had a lot of people overdose on it, we had people overdose on alcohol, we had people overdose on other substances, but with the, new area of e-cigarettes and the liquid marijuana it’s more potent and we have actually gotten several referrals from the ER’s were someone has overdosed on marijuana, ended up in the ER and then been refereed to us” says Sally Gibson, Burrell Health Director of Operations for Addiction Services.

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