Is Canada being influenced by the U.S. legal marijuana movement?

Capelli D'Angelo

Worldwide summary of cannabis legality
Worldwide summary of cannabis legality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Majority of the Canadian population would like weed to be legalized, according to a poll taken by Vote Compass.

As said in an article published by CBC News, 14,502 people responded to this poll between Sept. 22 and 24. Roughly 56 percent agreed Canada should legalize marijuana and almost 30 percent said it should be decriminalized. A chart illustrating these results can be found here.


“I think that most common-sense Canadians are moving in a direction of reform,” said Donald MacPherson, director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.

Many rules and regulations must be set before a legal marijuana market can take off. To learn more about the Canada weed movement read the full story on CBC News.