Illegal grow seized in Lincoln County

Capelli D'Angelo

View from summit of Mount Lincoln. Park County...
View from summit of Mount Lincoln. Park County, Colorado – NARA – 516978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Law enforcement officers seized $17 million worth of marijuana plants growing in the mountains south of Lincoln County on August 27, according to the Reno-Gazette Journal.

“Despite the decriminalization of marijuana in many states, outdoor marijuana grows such as the one which law enforcement personnel encountered in Lincoln County continue to remain illegal and pose a significant problem to public safety as many of the growers carry firearms and can become confrontational with anyone they encounter,” authorities said in a press release.


After 6,476 plants were removed from the grow site, government officials cleared out pounds of trash. They are still concerned that the chemicals used to eliminate bugs and maintain the garden had damaging effects on the environment.

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