Expand the stoner community and promote high class toking

Capelli D'Angelo

Marijuana and its trichomes
Marijuana and its trichomes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If marijuana activists present the idea of recreational weed in a way other than lazy stoners catching a break with cops, they stand a much better chance of winning.

This week Alex Thiersch, a business opinion writer for the Huffington Post, put an interesting twist on the promotion of legal marijuana.


The article notes several methods marijuana activists should use to encourage safe and regulated use.

It is important for the public to understand that a dispensary is not just a weed bar. There are many rules for customers to follow, and they cannot smoke the inventory inside, or even outside.

Another idea is to market smoking to different groups of people. Rather than giving the stereotype to teens and unmotivated adults, brand the product to groups of people you wouldn’t expect. The idea of successful adults not afraid to be seen at a dispensary isn’t so rare in other countries.

The weed market is worth millions and it’s just getting started. Rather than fighting an opportunity for the economy to grow, let’s embrace it and keep it professional.


This opinion blog was written by Green Report writer Capelli D’Angelo.