Denver dispensaries busted for selling to minors

Capelli D'Angelo

CO - Denver Police Badge
CO – Denver Police Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police announced Wednesday that seven Denver dispensary employees have been charged with class one misdemeanors for selling to persons under the age of 21, according to 9 News.

“Prior to the establishment of these stores and this system – every person selling marijuana failed to ask for ID. So what we’re seeing now is a massive improvement,” a member of the Marijuana Policy Project, Mason Tvert, said referring to the illegal weed market.


The employees ticketed work at various dispensaries in the city of Denver. They have jeopardized the future of these seven businesses, some of which may lose their license to sell. Administrative cases have been filed against these establishments to initiate full blown investigations.

To learn more about the charges these businesses face, or to see a full list of the dispensaries being charged, read the full story.