Colorado voters to determine use for marijuana tax revenue

Capelli D'Angelo

Colorado state welcome sign, along Interstate ...
Colorado state welcome sign, along Interstate 70, entering from Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2013, 65 percent of Colorado agreed to implement a tax on weed, according to the coordinated election results. In November voters will decide what to do with the $66.1 million collected in marijuana taxes.

campaign launched by Sen. Pat Steadman encourages voters to support Proposition BB. According to their website, Preposition BB allocates $40 million to school construction, $6.3 million to youth services and $5.7 million to new resources for communities.


“I sort of wrote it assuming there wouldn’t be much of a campaign, so it needed to sell itself with surface appeal and have popular elements in it, like the school construction money,” Steadman said.

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