City of Winnipeg prepares for pot legalization

Capelli D'Angelo

English: one high-quality "bud " nug...
English: one high-quality “bud ” nugget of marijuana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day many stoners have been waiting for has finally come. Government officials are beginning to accept that the legalization of marijuana is inevitable.

With such large groups of people supporting it, can you blame them? According to CBC News, city councillors in Winnipeg, Canada are pushing laws that would regulate where marijuana can and cannot be sold, if it were legalized.


“It is coming and it is coming fast. Society is changing. This will happen,” said Ross Eadie, Mynarski ward councilor. “There will be those who oppose marijuana completely whether it is for medical purposes or not. There are going to be parents who are going to be very concerned about this.”

Eadie teamed up with a fellow councilor, Matt Allard, to propose zoning laws in the city. If passed, dispensaries could not be located within a certain distance from schools, parks and other community areas.

To read more about the proposed zoning regulations check out the full story.