Bernie Sanders supports state level marijuana laws

Capelli D'Angelo

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2016 presidential election could mean big changes in states like Colorado and Washington who have legalized recreational weed. This week Bernie Sanders announced to the nation he will allow states to decriminalize marijuana.

In an interview with Stacey Walker, Sanders said he supports his home state’s decision to legalize the drug, and that if elected president states could do so without restrictions.


“As I understand it,” Sanders said. “In Colorado, people who run marijuana shops can’t put their money in banks, for example. That’s a violation of federal law. So I think there are things that the federal government can do that would make it easier for states that want to go in that direction to be able to do so.”

Sanders believes that people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana do not deserve criminal charges, but civil instead, according to an article published on Rawstory. He also supports research for the benefits of medical marijuana.

To watch the full interview with Bernie Sanders see the video here.