VIDEO: Take a tour of beautiful Windsong Estate event center in Northern Colorado

Collegian Staff

Selecting the perfect venue for your wedding requires processing many variables of each space. Undoubtedly, the venue is one choice you do not want to compromise on. The venue will frame your event, from the procession to the bouquet toss. The venue should be one of the most positive memories of your special day – so pick with care!

Windsong Estate, a wedding and events venue located in Northern Colorado, is so much more than a room with a view. (Though, wow does it have a view!) Situated on the highest hill in Weld County, the Rocky Mountains positively radiate in the background.


Windsong Estate has always been family run and operated, and that is most noticeable in its customer service (when compared to other, corporate controlled venues). From the moment you meet the staff, you’ll feel like you are planning all the excitement for your wedding with your sister or brother. They get that close to you and are that dedicated to your experience.

They listen. They understand you have a vision in your mind’s eye, but just need a little help to bring it all together. Windsong Estate has so many options to design and present your vision to your guests, and the space is so versatile, your biggest fears and anxieties will be swept away.

Take a video tour with Jackie Matsuda-Davison, and then make some time to go over and meet her in person. You’ll see for yourself how Windsong Estate is the perfect venue for your wedding.