Why is Windsong Estate the perfect place for your event?

Collegian Staff

Location is key when planning an event — no question there — and finding the perfect venue is nearly impossible. Let me guess, you’d like a pretty background, a space that is clean and professional, and somewhere that can accommodate a large group of people. What if I told you, I knew the perfect place? It’s Windsong Estate, located in Fort Collins, CO. Windsong Estate pretty much hosts every type of event (except mud wrestling tournaments).


Coutesy Windsong Estates

The family- run estate hosts everything from weddings, to corporate and private events all while located on the highest point in Weld County with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The view makes for amazing pictures of your event, guests, or wedding couple. Windsong understands that your event is a special day and should be as stress-free as possible! Whether your shindig is lavish or laid-back, there are many services offered to the host of an event or party. Rooms provided include VIP suites (often used for the soon-to- be newlyweds), with space for other guests to join in.


Courtesy Windsong Estates

There is a huge reception room, which accommodates both tables, chairs and guests, and can quickly transform to a dance floor. The Estate even holds a liquor license and can provide a wide variety of bar set ups and drinks. Catering help is also provided; Windsong works with the best chefs in the Northern Colorado area and can provide a list of caterers tailored to your budget and tastes. You want steaks, they can get them. You want sushi? Done. For corporate events, Windsong Estates can arrange their spaces in an assortment of set ups, including designs that fit for meetings, seminars, conferences, retreats or tradeshows. They’ve got amenities you can’t beat, like high speed Internet, projectors, and clean-up services. Or maybe you’re looking to host something a little more casual, like your little sister’s Quinceañera or your grandparent’s 50th anniversary. They do that too! You’ll create a customized package with their team, it’s that easy! Your grandparents or your little sister will love it and never forget it. So how can you see this place? You mean besides their excellent website, Facebook and Pinterest page? Swing by any Monday or Wednesday from 10am-5pm, no appointment necessary. If you can’t meet on those days, just call and set up an appointment for a tour at a time convenient for you. You’ll tour The Estate, meet the team, and get a better idea of what this spectacular space can offer you. Visit the Windsong site windsongestate.com for more information and information on how to contact us!

Courtesy Windsong Estates