Party planning tips for a successful event

Sarah Hansen

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With the school year wrapping up, end of the year parties for varies organizations are filling up your calendar. Perhaps, you are in charge of one of these parties. If this is the case, chances are you’re swamped with piles of homework and hardly have time to take a shower, let alone plan a party. However, your fear and stress is no longer necessary. An article from The Sequiter has listed everything that could possibly need to be done in order to throw an amazing party. Simply follow these guidelines, and your planning process will be much simpler.

Set a budget and stick to it. 

Often, the difficult part about planning a party is sticking to a budget. You have amazing ideas for decoration and entertainment, but don’t have the funds to execute the ideas. The best way to avoid a let-down is to set the budget right away. That way when you are planning, you can keep in mind how much money you have to spend. You won’t go overboard or rent decor or food the organization cannot afford. 


Choose your venue.

You can’t have a party without the venue. However, venue locations are rented out quickly around this time of year. Begin searching for one as soon as you know the date of the party. This way you will have more options to choose from. You may also get a better deal on a location the earlier you book it. Make sure the venue you choose has enough space for the amount of guests attending and food displays.

Decide on a theme for your party. 

The party isn’t a party without a theme. You want to pick a theme that is different from the norm. Having a unique theme will make the party fun and more memorable for the guests. The theme is a crucial element to multiple parts of the event. Pick one early because it can influence every other element of your party.

Provide protection from nature. 

If you are planning to have your party outdoors, then you have to have a back-up plan incase of bad weather. Whether that means having tents set up, or renting an available in door room nearby, these back-up’s will be crucial to the success of your party. Don’t leave your guests our in the rain without anywhere to take cover.

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