11 Awesome 420 Date Ideas

photo credit: pixabay

Around here, 420 is a largely celebrated holiday, if you hadn’t heard already. Many cannabis celebrating events will be taking place all around the state, with hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts in attendance. Do you and your partner count yourselves as  fellow weed lovers, but don’t enjoy crowds? Perhaps, you’d prefer to find a way to celebrate the holiday in a more intimate setting. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Bustle, feels for your introvert tendencies, and in a new article, finds multiple activities for you and your partner to do to celebrate 420 in a secluded setting. 

Try some of these date ideas for the holiday:


  1. Go hiking or take a long walk. Luckily, we live in the great state of Colorado and have this option. Take a scenic route like Horsetooth, and bring some cannabis with you to enjoy. The mixture of the hike and the weed will be incredibly relaxing and very enjoyable for the two of you, which will be quite the change of pace from wild 420 rallies.
  2. Go to the local movie theatre. The new Cinemark Theatre at the foothills mall is a great option. It includes lounge seats and a full dinner menu. The theatre is a great place to go with a nice buzz, and the buzz will surely make whatever movie you see much more interesting.
  3. Netflix and Cheef. This is a private alternative to going to the theatre. If you are someone who feels more comfortable getting stoned in private, there’s no need to even try going out in the social scene. Pick an awesome comedy like “The Interview”on netflix and chill with your partner. Make sure to stalk up on plenty of munchies before the evening begins. 
  4. Picnic in the park. What could be better than a beautiful meal out in a meadow on a spring afternoon? Pack the ultimate 420 feast in your basket and bring along some joints to enjoy. This way your partner and you can enjoy your buzz while staring up at the sky.
  5. Cuddle each other under the stars. This can be done indoors or outdoors. Look up local planetariums on google and see if any are around. Enjoy some local, home-grown cannabis before going. Then, spend the evening look at the stars. The experience will be both romantic and cosmic. What could be better?

For six more romantic ideas for you and your partner to do on 420, check out the rest of the article here.