How to register for wedding gifts


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Let’s face it, registering for gifts is every shopaholics fantasy. Whether it be for an engagement party or bridal shower, nothing can go wrong when it comes to getting to pick out your own gifts. It’s like being able to completely stock your kitchen sets and home decor without having to spend a dime. However, an article from the Chicago Tribune is recognizing the struggle it can be to register. More specifically, it is recognizing the difficulties some brides have figuring out where to register and what exactly to register for. This article outlines some great ways to narrow down what you want from your registry and where you want these items from.


When it comes to your registry, one of the best kept secrets is the completion discount. Don’t know what a completion discount is? No worries, that feeling is common amongst brides. A completion discount is basically what certain stores offer brides on items that aren’t purchased by their guests. So, if there are some items on your registry that were never picked up by guests, but that you are dying to have, some stores will offer you 10 percent, 15 percent or even 20 percent off the items. So, if this discount is something that fancies your liking, then you should definitely look into this option. That way you know you won’t be shoveling out loads of cash for that glassware you were dying to have.

It is also vital that you look into individual stores shipping prices. Sometimes these shipping prices can make or break for some of your guests. If an item as a 45 dollar shipping rate, chances are most guests won’t want to fork out the cash, and you can’t blame them. Obviously, you can’t let this affect your entire registry, but it should be a deciding factor.

Registry goody bags are also hot items too look out for. Many online registries are actually giving away pricey and classy goody bags as incentive to register with them. Some of these goody bags include rotating pieces from your registry or even 60 dollars worth of coupons and discounts from other items. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

One last but imperative part to picking the perfect bridal registry is understanding a companies return policy. Sometimes your decor taste can change between the months of when you registered and when the actual wedding is held, or you can end up with way more than you bargained for. If this is something you are even slightly worried about, be sure to make sure whichever company you decide to register with has a great return policy.

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