8 Tips for Having a Successful Family Meeting

Smiling multi-generational family talking and laughing during party
(photo credit: getty images)

In the hustle and bustle of the professional event planning world it’s easy to forget about the ongoing event of a family.  Sometimes transitioning from the day-to-day event planning profession to home-life can feel awkward and different.  However, this article from Examiner says that the transition has the potential to be anything but awkward.  It is very possible to run a family like it’s an event planning business.

The first step is coordinating successful family meetings and this is where to start:


  1. Start when the kids are young.  Breaking children into the habit of having serious family meetings will save a lot of headaches in the future.  Making the meetings a habit will teach children how important the meetings are, and in turn the children will take them seriously.
  2. Know when and where.  Establishing a very specific time and place to hold a meeting is the best way to make them frequent.  If the time and place of the meetings are scattered then they don’t seem as important and it is easier to blow them off or even forget about them.  Having a go- to place and time establishes a great schedule for the family.
  3. Set rules and agenda.  It is vital to have a set of rules and appropriate conduct for the entire family to follow at the meetings.  Without rules, the potential for messing around is much greater.  It is also important to have an agenda set each week.  That way, the important tasks are sure to be discussed.
  4. Feel free to express yourself.  Make sure everyone in the family knows that the family meeting is a safe place where one can express their feelings and thoughts when it comes to anything in particular.  It is also a great idea to create a family suggestion box.  That way, the suggestions can be read once a week and discussed with the entire family.
  5. Clear the air.  The family meeting can also be used to talk about any ongoing arguments or conflicts going on between family members.  The meeting time is a great space to discuss these matters in a respectful and understanding way, and it will be very helpful for the entire family to talk about underlying tensions
  6. Make a record.  This may sound silly, but it will forever improve the hectic life of the family.  Recording down what was discussed and decided on at the meetings, can clear future confusion later on in the week.

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