8 Ways the Holidays Were Different in the 90’s

(photo credit: getty images)

For most people, the 90’s are remembered as a glorious time in our childhood.  People wore windbreakers and collected beanie babies, how much better can it get?  However, do you remember what your 90’s christmas was like? If not, Bustle has posted a new article full of 90’s Christmas memories.

  1. Pop stars like NYSYNC really got into the holiday spirit
  2. Holiday sweaters weren’t ironic
  3. Grandma got runover by a reindeer
  4. Holiday lists were created by browsing catalogs
  5. Mornings meant one thing: red and green cereal
  6. TLC’s christmas soundtrack
  7. Kevin McCallister made us want to spend the holidays in New York

For the final 90’s Christmas memory, click here.