7 Hairstyles For Christmas Morning

(photo credit: getty images)

Christmas morning used to be a time that was meant for rolling out of bed and opening gifts in your pajamas without caring what you look like.  Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of social media sites like Instagram, there’s always a risk that your picture might be snapped in all your beautiful morning glory.  Thats why Bustle, is stepping in with a few easy hairstyle ideas to help primp your Christmas morning look.

  1. Messy Bun
  2. Fishtail
  3. Half-up ponytail
  4. High ponytail
  5. Waterfall braid
  6. Headband braid

This article isn’t saying you need to put on a full face of make up and a crazy outfit, it’s just simply giving suggestions to help enhance your bed-head.  For the 7th hairstyle, click here.