16 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

(photo credit: getty images)

Have you thought about what your New Year’s resolution will be for 2016?  If not, Bustle has just posted the best article for you.  It can be hard sticking to resolutions, especially if you’re a college student.  Although, maybe you haven’t been setting goals that are ideal for a student mindset and schedule.  Check out some of these great resolutions and form some of your own too!

  1. Go to class prepared and ready
  2. Make your bed everyday
  3. Cook one meal a day
  4. Set a routine
  5. Make time for friends
  6. Find a study spot
  7. Learn how to multitask
  8. Be wary of too many shots
  9. Eat one healthy thing a day
  10. Keep tabs on your bank account
  11. Think about your career
  12. Make a friend in every class
  13. Get to know at least one professor
  14. Focus on yourself
  15. Stay hydrated

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