9 Ways to Host a Carbon-Neutral Event

(photo credit: getty images)

Nowadays, it’s important to your company and to your event guests to have a carbon-neutral event, especially in Colorado.  That’s why BizBash has given it’s readers a few ways to host environmentally friendly events in this new article.  But how exactly does one host a carbon-neutral event?  These are some of the best ideas brought up.

  1. Communicate to vendors that the carbon output of the event is being watched
  2. Encourage the contractor to minimize the amount of freight they ship
  3. Use TheMeetGreen calculator to measure the amount of energy you use
  4. Choose a destination with minimal travel
  5. Choose a venue with an accessible location
  6. Pick a venue committed to sustainability
  7. Choose foods that minimize carbon emissions
  8. Purchase good carbon offsets

For the final way to host a carbon-neutral event, click here.