8 Hacks for Hosting Thanksgiving

Mother and daughter cooking together in kitchen
(photo credit: getty images)

As Thanksgiving is a week from Tomorrow (yikes), it’s time to get serious about your planning and organizing for hosting the holiday at your own home.  Thankfully, Realtor.com is coming in hot with some great ideas to help you get your life together.

Take close notes..


  1. STOP grocery shopping now
  2. rent everything
  3. Don’t spend so much on table decor
  4. Make the food ahead of time
  5. Use your summer coolers
  6. Have your guests pitch in outside of your kitchen
  7. Occupy the children at your house

So, try getting a head start on some of these tips and tricks now.  It will make the actual holiday a breeze, and you’ll actually be able to enjoy it.  For the final hack, click here.