20 Christmas Decorating Ideas

(photo credit: getty images)

As Christmas season is nearing, you just can’t help but to get excited over all the amazing things that come along with it.  From the family gatherings, to the gift giving, and most importantly Christmas decorations!  Thats why the Huffington Post has given readers a list of decor ideas that will brighten up any event you host at your home!

  1. Making a fireplace
  2. Snowflake Mobile
  3. Homemade scenic candle
  4. Faux stacked logs
  5. Penguins on a staircase
  6. Unexpected ornaments
  7. Giant snowflakes
  8. Wine glass dioramas
  9. Junkmail snowflakes
  10. Colorful lights garland
  11. Ornament doormat
  12. Pine cone garland
  13. Burlap Ribbon Trees
  14. Christmas Bunting frame
  15. Bright sparkly reindeer
  16. Falling leaves garland
  17. Faux window ornaments
  18. Christmas garland
  19. Prism candle light

For the final great decor idea, click here.