19 Offensive Things You Should Never Say to Engaged People

(photo credit: getty images)

When people get engaged the news can be so exciting.  However, sometimes the excitement can lead to you asking questions that are somewhat inappropriate.  It’s best to avoid a few areas of topics, and Buzzfeed knows just which ones to avoid.

Here’s some conversation topics you should completely erase from your mind.


  1. “How much are you spending on the wedding?”
  2. “How many people are you inviting?”
  3. “Can I bring my kids?”
  4. “When are you going to have babies?”
  5. “Are you going to do a prenup?”
  6. “Aren’t you afraid of being stuck with the same person your whole life?”
  7. “Are you having a [insert a very specific theme] wedding?”
  8. “Are you changing your name?”
  9. “You could always hyphenate it or combine the names!”

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