12 Thanksgiving Mistakes to Avoid

Family serving each other at holiday table
Family serving each other at holiday table

Thanksgiving can be very stressful for a host or hostess, and Bustle is recognizing this dilemma.  If one little thing goes wrong during your event, it can ruin a holiday for someone and that’s a LOT of pressure.  So here’s somethings you should try to avoid in order for your gathering to run smoothly.

  1. Not giving yourself enough time
  2. Buying the wrong type of turkey
  3. Not cooking that wrong turkey long enough
  4. … and then carving that wrong, horribly cooked turkey, incorrectly
  5. Making the dishes too complicated
  6. Not eating until the big meal
  7. Making waaay too much food
  8. Trying to do everything by yourself
  9. Expecting everything to still be hot at dinner

For the final mistake to avoid, click here.