How To Throw a “Harry Potter” Themed Bachelorette Party

Mary GrandPré’s illustration of Hagrid from Ha...
(photo credit: wikipedia)

Both adults and kids alike find joy in the Harry Potter series.  Now, Bustle has found a way to incorporate the movies into your very own bachelorette party.  Here are some of the great ideas.

  • Harry Potter themed invites
  • Decoration your home to the nine (and three quarters)
  • Matching squad t-shirts
  • Get matching “tattoos”
  • Fire-whiskey labels
  • Butter beer labels

By having a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party, you can express your inner-nerd in a fun and mature way.  Who know’s, maybe Hagrid will come pick you up on his flying magical motorcycle!


For pictures of these ideas and the full article, click here.