8 Tech Hacks That Save You Thousands on your Wedding

(photo credit: getty images)
(photo credit: getty images)

It’s not secret that weddings can be the biggest enemy of your bank account.  It seem’s as though someone has to save for years just to pay for there own wedding.  However, according to Yahoo Tech, they doesn’t have to be the case.  Thanks to the world-wide internet, weddings can be a lot more affordable than you think.

Here’s a few programs that will help you out.


  1. Speechbooth- a booth for guests to record speeches in
  2. Wanderable- a honeymoon registry
  3. WedPics- a way to collect picture from your guests
  4. Squarespace- an online invitation
  5. Google Docs- a great way to organize everything
  6. MailChimp- a way to create organized mail lists
  7. Luggage Forward- a way to send luggage home without dragging it to the honeymoon

For the final tech program, click here.