8 Eye-Catching Ideas for Fall Events

English: Fall on the country
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the cold-front came into Fort Collins today, there was one thing that came to everyone’s mind… fall.  Orange leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, and boots are some symbolic trends for the season.  But what are the event decor and food ideas for this beloved season?  Bizbash has a few…

  1. Candles and lanterns
  2. Maple-glazed squash
  3. Hay bales
  4. “Harvest calzones”
  5. Rich, autumn-esque colors
  6. Gold flatware
  7. Fall foilage

Incorporating any of these fantastic fall ideas will make any of your guests feel like they’ve just walked into an autumn utopia… which is what everyone dreams of, right?


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