8 Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Halloween Parties

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Halloween is upon us, Bizbash is giving readers some fabulous ideas for their halloween get togethers, and more specifically, what kind of cocktails to serve at these parties.  As the trend in customized cocktails increases, it’s important to keep up with these trends at your personal event.

Here are a few fancy Halloween cocktails


  1. Lollipop brew
  2. Turquoise fairy
  3. Caramel old-fashioned
  4. Pumpkin souffle martini
  5. Margritte- Ahh’s
  6. Red wine-infused vodka and tonic
  7. AT&Tini

Any of these unique drinks will surely have your guests happy and entertained.  The recipes and images can be find on the website.  For the final drink, click here.