7 Ways to Stay Organized When You’re Super Busy

(photo credit: getty images)

Bustle is touching on a topic that is near and dear to every event planner’s life: organization.  When you have multiple events happening in the same week, and a huge staff to direct, this can be one of the most valuable life skills to have.  Some may believe they already have all the tricks, but here’s a few idea’s just incase you’re missing out.

  1. To-Do list’s are everything
  2. Prioritize your inbox
  3. Create patterns for your work flow
  4. Don’t let yourself get behind- you’ll regret it
  5. Break large tasks into sections
  6. Give everything a “home”

These may sound like simple tips, but taking the time to do them can really ease-up your event planning load.  For the final tip, click here.