21 Stellar Ideas For an Astronomy Themed Wedding

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you love all things outer space, this is a post for you.  Buzzfeed, has come up with some pretty incredible ideas for an Astronomy Themed Wedding.  From cakes to decor, these tips should have you covered.  So what are these ideas? Here’s some of the best.

  1. Create space-y invites
  2. Tie the knot under a projector-created moon
  3. Make a seating chart the shape of constellations
  4. With table numbers to match
  5. Have planet center pieces
  6. Make a crescent moon photo backdrop
  7. Put your place cards in front of ancient star maps
  8. Use star hair jewelry
  9. Have a galaxy cake
  10. …Or a lunar cake
  11. Name guest tables about spaceships

For the final 10 ideas, click here.