21 Beautiful and Unexpected Bridesmaids Dress Colors For Fall

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever you’re asked to be in a wedding, you always have a secret fear in the back of your head that the bridesmaids dress colors won’t be quite up to par.  Especially fall colors.  You could end up in a bland green or a gross orange.  However, Buzzfeed is here to help you out with some colors for fall that are actually gorgeous.

  1. Rich Marsala
  2. Earth mix of rich greens
  3. Bright mustard yellow
  4. Neutral top with cranberry colors bottom
  5. Mismatched metallics
  6. Dusty rose
  7. Cafe au lait color
  8. Mix of reds and pinks
  9. Cobalt Blue
  10. Bold red
  11. Purply-gray

For the final 10 fall colors, click here.