15 Things That All Event Managers Know to be True

(photo credit: getty images)
(photo credit: getty images)

Being an event manager is almost like being in a club.  You have to deal with certain situations that most other people can’t understand.  So, Buzzfeed has so kindly compacted a list of things that go through every event managers mind.

  1. It’s the day of an event and you’re breaking a sweat before 9 am
  2. “Fake it till you make it” is your motto
  3. When you’re in the middle of planning, and you are told about dietary requirements, you want to hurt someone.
  4. You live for the favors you can get from friends
  5. You hate the weather
  6. There’s always the guest who’s too drunk
  7. You have to watch that guest in jealousy

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