13 Ways to Celebrate Halloween If You Hate Parties

(photo credit: getty images)

For most people Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year.  With all the parties and costumes, who couldn’t be excited?  Well, introverts couldn’t be, thats who.  So how can one go about celebrating Halloween if they’re an introvert?  Bustle has come up with a few ways…

  1. Go on a tour of a haunted place
  2. Make something gross-awesome
  3. Go Carnivorous plant picking
  4. Seek out a spooky-specialty book seller
  5. …and read by firelight
  6. Go to a scary midnight movie
  7. Or watch a scary movie in your pjs
  8. Buy “witch” supplies
  9. …And have a seance
  10. Make a halloween playlist
  11. Go to a haunted house
  12. Give yourself a spooky manicure

For the final way to celebrate, click here.