12 Autumn Decoration That Aren’t That Cheesy.

English: Pumpkins
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bustle has compiled a list of the perfect autumn decorations for people who don’t want to come off as too cheesy.  It’s easy to get carried away with fall decorations, but sometimes they can become too much and kind of corny.

This is a list of decorations from Etsy that are juuuust right for your autumn decorating


  1. White crocheted pumpkins
  2. Autumn palm garland
  3. Maple leaf coasters
  4. Tree slice art
  5. Fall art print
  6. Felted mini-pumpkins
  7. Teacup hazelnut candle
  8. Wall flag
  9. Pumpkin pillow
  10. Autumnal wreath
  11. Fall balloons

These ideas, and many more, can all be found on the wonderful world of pinterest.  For the 12th and final decoration, click here.