11 Ideas for Music Themed Events

A grand piano with music
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When working in the music industry, it can be hard to create an event that stands out above the rest.  Fortunately, Bizbash is here with a bunch of great ideas to help make your music party unique and ahead of the trends.  These are a few of their ideas…

  1. Menus made to look like symphony page music
  2. Centerpieces that resemble guitars
  3. Step and repeat featuring classic albums
  4. Instrument shaped cookies
  5. thematic “gobos”
  6. theme matching the song
  7. Blow up replicas of scores
  8. Chocolate pianos
  9. Dancers to match the theme
  10. Image projections on the walls

These and many more ideas can give your music industry party a major boost! For the final idea, click here.