How Nonprofits Weave Their Work Into Fundraisers

English: Balloons on the Statue at Upper Thame...
English: Balloons on the Statue at Upper Thames Street Placed on him by fundraisers for the Army Benevolent Fund. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new article from is showing a new way for nonprofits do raise money at fundraisers.

A young non-profit decided to go for a different approach at one of their events in Florida.  Instead of the usual boring formal fundraisers, the group took an informal approach.  The event had human “statues” scattered around the venue.  These statues would interact with each other for the guests.  However, there was a catch.  The guest had to donate money form them to act out a situation.   The company said they wanted to go for a more interactive event, and they say the guests were very generous!


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