How Indian Weddings in America Became So Expensive

English: Indian wedding, rituals
English: Indian wedding, rituals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An article from the Washington Post is one of the first to address the incredible rising prices of the traditional Indian wedding in America.

The average cost for an Indian wedding in Washington D.C. is about $200,000, but prices can reach much higher.  An Indian-American wedding in Virginia Beach was even said to be budgeted at $1 million dollars.  Trisha Cranor, the wedding planner whom planned this intricate affair said, “as soon as their child is born, parents are already saving for this.”


So why are these weddings so expensive?  It’s the accumulation of many extravagant parts.  Most tradition Indian weddings include: a horse for the grooms parade, an ice sculpture, a light show, a four-day weekend for 600 guests, and much more.

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