7 Wedding Decor Upgrades That Aren’t Worth It

photo credit: getty images

Brides.com is helping brides cut the budget when it comes to their own wedding.  Usually, you want to keep the budget low but sometimes you may feel the pressure to splurge on certain decor to impress your guests.  However, it’s important to remember that as long as your guests are having a good time, they’re not going to worry about all the pesky decor details.  Here’s a few pieces you can for sure skip out on…

  1. Over-the-top ceremony decor
  2. Favors and Programs
  3. Farm tables
  4. Fancy chine
  5. Ceremony chairs
  6. Added linens

If you’d like further information on why these pieces are less important to a successful wedding, and to see the final unnecessary decor piece, click here.