7 Reasons Why Being the Planner of the Group is a Burden Not an Honor

(photo credit: getty images)

As an event planner, you may feel that sometimes your professional life crosses over into your private life.  Your friends may expect you to be the one to make all your group-vaca or weekend plans, and Elite Daily know’s how frustrating this can be.  Some people may say, “I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal.  You’re so good at planning things!”  Well, here’s a few reasons to tell your friends why it is a big deal.

  1. You’re responsible for inviting everyone
  2. It’s your fault if things don’t work out
  3. You need to plan things for everyone
  4. Everyone blames you
  5. Everyone wants to hang with you
  6. You can’t leave early

Hopefully, these reasons are enough to make sure you’re not always the one planning things for your friend group.  That way your professional career can stay that way, strictly professional.


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