7 Lessons From Small Food Festivals

At fairs, festivals and markets it is common t...
At fairs, festivals and markets it is common to see rows and rows of tents set up. Street vendors sell everything from underwear, jewelry, clothing, household goods, and food in these tents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bizbash.com is on a mission to help small food festivals prosper!  Not every foodie event can spend as much money as the bigger festivals, but that doesn’t mean the event can’t be a hit.  Here are a few tips to make your festival thrive.

  1. Stay true to your mission
  2. But don’t be afraid to mix it up
  3. Discover new talent
  4. Grow within your limits
  5. Carefully think out sponsor activations
  6. Keep the conversation going throughout the year

Regardless of the size of your festival, there are still plenty of ways to remain successful.  You just have to practice these tips, and keep them up! For the 7th and final lesson, click here.