11 New Catering Trends for Holiday Parties

(photo credit: getty images)

It can be hard to plan a holiday party for your place of work.  You want it to be classic, yet you want to mix things up and put a twist on the party essentials.  How can you do this?  Bizbash.com is telling people how to have fun with the choice of catering at these events.

Some of the trends are…


  1. Signature drinks
  2. inventive food presentations
  3. nitrogen popcorn
  4. LED ice cubes
  5. Crystal orbs filled with garnish
  6. Breadstick bar
  7. Glass decanters
  8. Hot chocolate bar
  9. Cookie decorating stations
  10. Peppermint cake pops

Although some of these ideas seem childish, it may be a good idea to let your coworkers inner-child out at your next holiday party! For the final catering trend, click here.